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Tiziano Tononi and Southbound: Trouble No More…All Men Are Brothers

by Richard Gehr on October 03, 2017

Italian drummer Tiziano Tononi and Southbound’s excellent Trouble No More...All Men Are Brothers opens with a mighty blast of horns and drums evoking Coltrane’s wall of sound. The tune is the Allman Brothers “Whipping Post,” and it’s a galvanizing introduction to a guitar-less jazz album celebrating the Allman Brothers’ “spiritual unity.” Marta Raviglia gender-flips the vocals into something less testosteronic, and Tononi’s arrangements breathe new color into these familiar blues with the help of accordion, violin and Latin percussion. The aforementioned “Whipping Post” turns out to be a sandwich with a dramatic “Midnight Rider” filling, while other tunes, such as “Hot ‘Lanta,” get more orthodoxly swinging makeovers.
Authors: Richard Gehr
Artist: Tiziano Tononi and Southbound
Album: Trouble No More...All Men Are Brothers
Label: Long Song