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Gogol Bordello: Seekers and Finders

by Emily Zemler on September 26, 2017

Gogol Bordello, the gypsy-punk collective, is known for fusing world cultures and styles to create a vibrant sound. The group’s members are from many countries—frontman Eugene Hütz hails from the Ukraine while others are from Russia, Ecuador, Ethiopia and the U.S. to name a few—and the number of influences is evident on the band’s seventh full-length album, Seekers and Finders. Produced by Hütz in collaboration with band member Boris Pelekh, the album features the singer’s usual impassioned fervor, which is particularly amped up in these tracks. Hütz sounds desperate, howling through the chorus on “Walking on the Burning Coal,” an anthemic rock number, as well as on the rasping acoustic ballad “If I Ever Get Home Before Dark.” It’s Hütz who carries Gogol Bordello’s music, steering the tone of their albums and ultimately determining the sensibility of each release—and here, there’s an underlying feeling of uncertainty. “Saboteur Blues,” one of the set’s most raucous tracks, was inspired by philosopher René Descartes’ teachings. On the song, Hütz implores the listener not to live in the past or the future, proclaiming that the philosopher must have meant something other than “I think, therefore I am.” (Regina Spektor also pops up on a track, “Did It All.”) While the album is undoubtedly compelling, it can be overly chaotic at times. Still, the idea that there can be a successful collaboration between cultures is appealing in this day and age, and Gogol Bordello’s efforts are worth commending.

Authors: Emily Zemler
Artist: Gogol Bordello
Album: Seekers and Finders
Label: Cooking Vinyl