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Watch: Here’s a Preview of Bob Weir’s Interview with Dan Rather

Rob Slater | August 04, 2015

After scoring an interview with Jack White, Dan Rather's The Big Interview will sit down with Bob Weir for an hour-long interview. And now, the first preview of that footage has surfaced from the show. The setting will find the famed journalist sitting down for an intimate interview with the Grateful Dead founding member. 

Overall, the questions stick to the big picture, with Weir discussing the band's influence throughout American history, remarking that the Dead has "been my life and I've come to realize that. It's what I'm here to do." The two dip into a brief Hank Williams sidebar, with Weir revealing his favorite tune of the famed country artist is "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry." Rather then asks about Jerry Garcia, posing the question about the band's fate following his passing. "The Grateful Dead was a fair bit more democratic than people really seemed to understand," Weir said when answering whether or not the end of the band crossed his mind. He added, "And what it was that we were up to was more democratic than people seem to understand." 

The full interview airs on AXS TV on August 11 at 8 PM. Watch the preview below.