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Video Premiere: Rob Drabkin “Don’t Worry About Me”

June 27, 2014

Today we debut Rob Drabkin’s official video for “Don’t Worry About Me,” from his new album Little Steps, which peaked at #3 on the Jambands Radio Chart. The song features a string arrangement written by his bassist, Bijoux Barbosa, and performed by members of the Colorado Symphony.

The video, written and directed by Dillon Novak, was shot at False Klamath Cove in Klamath, CA. The string players featured in the video are members of the Curry Del Norte Orchestra in Crescent City, CA, also known as the Symphony by the Sea.

Drabkin has this to say about the video: “Director Dillon Novak stumbled on this location while camping in the Redwood Forests. It's overcast and foggy 90% of the time, and the rocks and driftwood add such dark, mysterious elements to the scenery. The waves are absolutely stunning! I can't imagine a better location for ‘Don’t Worry About Me.’ To fit the vibe of the video, I'm playing a Gibson ES 139 Semi Hollow Body guitar."

Upcoming tour dates:

06.28 Denver, CO @ South Platte Riverfest
07.03 Davenport, IA @ Redstone Room *with G. Love & Special Sauce
07.04 Boulder, CO @ Boulder Reservoir
07.05 Winter Park, CO @ Winter Park SolShine Music Festival *with G. Love & Special Sauce
07.10 Santa Fe, NM @ Second Street Brewery
08.15 Wheatridge, CO @ Wheatridge Carnation Festival
08.23 Denver, CO @ Higher Ground Music Festival
08.29 Vail, CO @ FAC Concert Series at The Westin
09.19 Bellevue, CO @ Mishawaka Amphitheatre
09.21 Boulder, CO @ Fall Fest


Love it!!!!

By OG Kate - 06/27/14

Rob Drabkins is amazing! Love his sound.

By Maria - 06/27/14

Very nice.

By Tedro - 06/27/14

Gorgeous video!

By Greeblehaus - 06/27/14

Thank you for sharing!  Love this video smile

By coloradomusiclover - 06/28/14

Rob Drabkin is a superluminous supernova, inspiring beautiful Visions for artists everywhere.  His soulful and uniquely individual voice encourages others to embrace their own voices, to share their individuality, and to feel the powerful emotions at the heart of Rob’s music.  The visuals in the video bring us to a melancholy yet hopeful place in Nature. Brilliant!  Thank you for this amazing gift of inspiration and beauty.

By Kimberlite - 07/01/14

Just love his music

By pam - 07/01/14


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