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The Times Square Guitar Center Was a Bad Idea

by Rob Slater on August 11, 2014

On its own, Times Square is a special circle of hell that only the bravest among us have the patience and restraint to bear on more than a once-a-decade occasion. Last week, Guitar Center decided to up the ante, opening a massive, 28,000-square-foot complex under the bright lights of New York City. Everything has been going well, The Roots played an opening night party at the Best Buy Theater and business is good. Then, Reddit happened.

This video surfaced thanks to a brave Reddit user who swallowed his/her pride and dove into the depths of the Guitar Center. The result is one of the most appalling symphonies of cacophony ever confined to 37-seconds. That's all you need here. In fact, you don't even need that much. Take a look, if you wish via Stereogum.



Needs more cow bell.

By rob - 08/12/14

I was there.  It was very cool.  Everybody was getting what they wanted.  And hearing what they wanted smile

By Frank - 08/12/14

Glad I don’t work there….

By Richard Whacker - 08/12/14

Gutiarists don’t like to play with each other.

Guitarists like to play with themselves.

By Dubya - 08/12/14

36 seconds in a guitar store and NO Stairway To Heaven?! Holy crap, that’s some kind of record!

By DeadOnLive - 08/12/14

Sounds like every guitar center I’ve ever been in or worked at.  Bunch of crap.

By Rob - 08/12/14

It’s a guitar store for crying out loud. Are they supposed to all coordinate prior to going in? Rehearse? What do you expect? Time Square or not, this happens anytime you offer a large group of people the opportunity to try out random instruments.

By Adam Georgiou - 08/12/14

Times Square Guitar Center was a bad idea for whom, exactly?  Looks like the kids were having a good time and if you don’t like the store don’t go in.  Yes, untalented amateurs play guitar in Guitar Center.  From what I have seen, they also play guitar in a number of other venues around Times Square.  Guitar Center is nonetheless one of the only places left where you can actually try out new instruments before you buy them, and I salute them for that.  I play guitar, I hate listening to bad guitarists playing in a store, so I try to get in and our quickly.  And I don’t make a 36 second video to make fun of the place.  Grow up a little?

By Roberto - 08/12/14

Easy, easy there! I think Relix is having some fun, and looks like they are having fun too, and doing exactly what we want them to do! Get their hands on cool gear, plug in, and play. No other retailer in the world lets you do that! Very cool stuff. Congratulations Guitar Center Time Square for a great Grand Opening of one of our new flag ship stores!!!!

By Halmanrks - 08/12/14

Forget Times Square, go to Rudy’s in Soho…or if you must, GC in Chelsea.

By Charlie L - 08/12/14

You learn to tune it out after a few months of employment. It’s a fun job!

By Mark - 08/12/14

There’s a certain musicality to the din…

By CharlieH - 08/12/14

Its gonna make my job easier. I schlep all over the city buying gear for concerts. I"m stoked its open. Times Sq sucks but its centrally located and I"ll be able to get whatever I need for a gig without going all the way downtown.

By Action Jackson - 08/12/14

It’s sad that almost all of the 48th street stores are gone…

By dana preis - 08/12/14

That’s a normal Tuesday at every guitar center on earth

By phandy - 08/12/14

Sounds like the NAMM trade show in Anaheim! LOL

By AnthonyE - 08/12/14

I dunno.  I always wanted to play Times Square.

By marker - 08/12/14

What happened….Grand Openings used to be packed… it looks like a ghost town in there.

By PETER S. - 08/12/14


By Unreal - 08/13/14

Oh holy hell. That would make me nuts.

By Sharon - 08/13/14


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