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September Relix Magazine Sampler: "Sheep" - Buddha Council
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Jessica Lea Mayfield: Sorry Is Gone

by Mike Ayers on October 16, 2017
When a chance to say screw it and move forward without fearing any repercussions comes along, it’s often hard to know what to do with it. 28-year-old Jessica Lea Mayfield has captured one of...

Lettuce: Witches Stew

October 13, 2017
Since 1992, Lettuce have kept a very distinct strand of festival funk alive, but with their newest outing, Witches Stew, the band veers into uncharted cerebral territory. Recorded live at the...

Various Artists: Sky Music: A Tribute to Terje Rypdal

by Richard Gehr on October 12, 2017
A handful of the world’s most mind-melting guitarists scamper cosmically through the music of a Nordic jazz-rock great on Sky Music: A Tribute to Terje Rypdal (). Elegant solo tracks by Bill...

Lucinda Williams: This Sweet Old World

by Mike Ayers on October 11, 2017
While artists performing classic albums from their back catalogs has been a concert staple this century, the notion of rerecording an entire record from one’s past with new arrangements isn’t...

Mike Gordon: OGOGO

by Mike Ayers on October 10, 2017
What do you want in a Phish side project? Something different or something that exists in the band’s world? Over the years, Mike Gordon has straddled those lines fairly well, and on his fifth...

Gov’t Mule at the Wiltern Theatre

by Larson Sutton on October 06, 2017
Photo by Stuart LevineJustice isn’t fully served simply by calling Gov’t Mule a reliable band. Yet, when it comes to delivering setlists new and changing every show, hard-charging jams,...

Arthur Alexander: Arthur Alexander

by John Adamian on October 06, 2017
When this record was originally released in 1972, Arthur Alexander already had some significant success—big artists like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Dusty Springfield and George Jones had...

Mogwai: Every Country’s Sun

by Emily Zemler on October 05, 2017
Mogwai’s ninth studio album, Every Country’s Sun, reveals itself slowly, building up to the Scottish band’s signature post-rock swells. Opening track “Coolverine” grows over six minutes,...

Michael McDonald: Wide Open

by Jeff Tamarkin on October 04, 2017
Even if in the past Michael McDonald’s singing has made you want to incinerate your headphones—and there are some who feel that way (remember the “bullet in the brain” scene in The...

Tiziano Tononi and Southbound: Trouble No More…All Men Are Brothers

by Richard Gehr on October 03, 2017
Italian drummer Tiziano Tononi and Southbound’s excellent Trouble No More...All Men Are Brothers opens with a mighty blast of horns and drums evoking Coltrane’s wall of sound. The tune is the...

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