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April_May Relix Magazine Sampler: Dead & Company | "China Cat Sunflower"
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Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors: Souvenir

by Matt Inman on May 22, 2017
After releasing last year’s Live at the Ryman, which captured Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors’ first appearance at the storied Nashville venue, the Music City-based outfit returns with their...

Ruthie Foster: Joy Comes Back

by Jeff Tamarkin on May 19, 2017
Now here’s a song you never expect to hear on a blues album: “War Pigs,” the Black Sabbath classic. It’s six tunes in on three-time Grammy nominee Ruthie Foster’s latest, and damn if it...

Strand of Oaks: Hard Love

by John Adamian on May 18, 2017
If you embrace the idea of rock as a cathartic, healing ritual or something pretty close to religion or magic, then you will enjoy the new Strand of Oaks, which hints at the epic rock-preacher...

Béla Fleck: Juno Concerto

by Jeff Tamarkin on May 17, 2017
It seems someone forgot to tell Béla Fleck that there are certain things a banjo just can’t do—like play with symphony orchestras. Thank you to those people who neglected to inform him because,...

Leslie Mendelson: Love & Murder

by Lee Zimmerman on May 16, 2017
It’s been eight years since Leslie Mendelson released Swan Feathers, her previous solo album, and, during that time, the extended Grateful Dead family has adopted her, thanks to her work with...

Gary Clark Jr.: Live/North America 2016

by Jeff Tamarkin on May 15, 2017
Gary Clark Jr.’s first live album—he simply called it Live—was released three years ago and was an absolute barn burner. So why not do it again? This second volume doesn’t really bring...

Dead Relics—Grateful Dead: Dave’s Picks, Vol. 22 & Jerry Garcia Band: GarciaLive, Vol. 8

May 12, 2017
Grateful Dead- Dave’s Picks, Vol. 22: Felt Forum, New York, NY, 12/7/71Jerry Garcia Band- GarciaLive, Vol. 8: Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI, 11/23/91Sometimes dismissed by Deadheads as a...

Gone Is Gone: Echolocation

by Ryan Reed on May 11, 2017
From day one, Gone Is Gone have downplayed their own fame: obscuring their faces in press photos and insisting in interviews that they aren’t a “supergroup,” despite featuring a hodgepodge...

The Black Angels: Death Song

by Ryan Reed on May 10, 2017
“I can help you dream; I can help you scream,” The Black Angels sing, coaxing us into another bewitching psych-rock vortex. Indeed, soaking in Death Song, it’s easy to lose yourself in...

George Harrison: The Vinyl Collection

by Bill Murphy on May 09, 2017
Most hardcore Beatles fans agree that George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass, released mere months after the band’s world-shaking breakup in 1970, is the best solo album ever made by an...

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