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Relix Magazine December CD Sampler: "Baby Please Come Home" | The Barefoot Movement
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Amadou & Mariam: La Confusion

by J. Poet on December 14, 2017
Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia have been musical partners since they met at the Malian Institute for the Young Blind in Bamako, Mali over 30 years ago. Eight well-received albums combining...

Brooklyn Raga Massive: Riley’s In C

by Richard Gehr on December 13, 2017
Indian music’s cyclical rhythms exerted a strong influence on American Minimalism pioneer Terry Riley’s music. So the only real surprise about the Brooklyn Raga Massive’s performance of...

Joey Alexander: Joey.Monk.Live!

by Jeff Tamarkin on December 12, 2017
His story is the stuff of legend: Now 14, the Indonesian jazz-piano prodigy has already been wowing even the most jaded listeners and critics for the past few years, not only with his superior...

Tim Kasher: No Resolution

by Matt Inman on December 11, 2017
Akin to an indie-rock opera, Tim Kasher’s No Resolution flows like a river doubling back on itself, revisiting tunes with several reprises and beginning with a pared-down melody that hints at...

Los Camaroes: Resurrection Los Vol. 1

by John Adamian on December 08, 2017
Los Camaroes’ 1979 album, Resurrection Los Vol. 1, was the last record released by the legendary Cameroonian band who first came together in the late ‘60s. Combining both West African and...

Chris Thile: Thanks for Listening

by Jeff Tamarkin on December 07, 2017
When Chris Thile took over the coveted gig as host of A Prairie Home Companion in 2016, he knew that replacing Garrison Keillor, the show’s creator and host since 1974, was no small task. Thile,...

Hayley Jane and The Primates: We’re Here Now

by Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta on December 06, 2017
“Go ahead, call me a hurricane,” Hayley Jane sneers midway through We’re Here Now. It’s a fitting line for the lead singer and namesake of Hayley Jane and The Primates, who has gradually...

Chris Hillman: Bidin’ My Time

by Bill Murphy on December 05, 2017
There’s an aura of bittersweetness surrounding Chris Hillman’s first solo recording in 12 years, and while it’ll primarily be remembered as Tom Petty’s last studio project, that’s not...

Charlotte Gainsbourg: Rest

by Emily Zemler on December 04, 2017
Rest marks the first time that Charlotte Gainsbourg has done most of the lyric writing on one of her albums. The French singer and actress has previously unveiled three studio albums, including...