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Young the Giant: Mind Over Matter

by Ryan Reed on January 21, 2014

When Young the Giant’s debut album crashed the American mainstream back in 2011, reviewers attacked the band’s hooky, polished pop-rock for general blandness. But with its dazzlingly immersive textures and eclectic songcraft, Mind Over Matter won’t suffer those same criticisms. Prog-pop epic “Anagram” sets the whiplash pace with its mindfuck mood swings, blending jittery guitars with swirling orchestrations and Sameer Gadhia’s swooning falsetto. Just as you’ve pegged “It’s About Time” as a Black Keys-aping bluesrock anthem, it throws in a soulful falsetto, a double-time snare groove and a boderline-disco crescendo. Meanwhile, the biggest highlight could be the title track, an avalanche of malleable croons, spidery synths and electronic fizz.
Call it rock, call it pop—but for God’s sakes, don’t call it bland: Mind Over Matter is a major creative leap.

Authors: Ryan Reed
Artist: Young the Giant
Album: Mind Over Matter
Label: Fueled By Ramen