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Yellow Ostrich: Cosmos

by Emily Zemler on March 04, 2014

Despite their continual release of interesting, unique indie rock, Brooklyn band Yellow Ostrich has remained strangely under the radar. Layered and complex, the songs on Cosmos, which follows the group’s 2012 album Strange Land, feel carefully wrought, and each instrumental piece comes together to craft a clearly envisioned sonic picture. On the evocative “My Moons,” singer Alex Schaaf moans, “Your smile brings me sadness/ but I long for it,” revealing a deep intimacy to the lyrics that mirrors the emotive quality of the music itself. “Shades,” the album’s flagship single, builds tiers of sound around a simple guitar line and Schaaf’s aching vocal melody. The other songs follow suit, embodying real moments of emotional revelation in word and in sound—a skillful endeavor that has a lingering effect.

Authors: Emily Zemler
Artist: Yellow Ostrich
Album: Cosmos
Label: Barsuk