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Wolfmother: New Crown

by Joe Lopergalo on May 07, 2014

New Crown is Wolfmother’s first album since 2009, and the surprise release of the long-awaited follow-up to Cosmic Egg does not disappoint. Drenched in fuzz and filled to the brim with monster riffs and soaring vocals, New Crown plays like Robert Plant and Ozzy Osborne tag-teaming songs penned by Jack White and the Sex Pistols. Vocalist and bandleader Andrew Stockdale reaches new heights on the masts of “Tall Ships,” while evil, fuzz-fueled guitar licks dominate the Sabbath-style head-banger that is “Enemy Is in Your Mind.” The muddy guitar chops of “Heavy Weight” create a delightfully disgusting sludge, while bassist Ian Peres’ mud-funk breakdown on the title track casts a swampy loneliness on the listener. The album may never find the commercial success of Wolfmother’s debut, but by melding classic metal and punk and saturating it in a psychedelic haze, New Crown finds a more mature band exploding back onto the scene.

Authors: Joe Lopergalo
Artist: Wolfmother
Album: New Crown
Label: Self-released