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TriBeCaStan: New Songs from the Old Country

by Jeff Tamarkin on January 06, 2014

For their fourth album, the supercollider that is TriBeCaStan flings together international rhythms and instrumentation that should have no means or reason to come face to face. It would be easy enough to pile on descriptive kooky hybrids—there’s some skronking sub-Saharan avant jazz that sounds like Afghani Balkan folk music while other numbers evoke Irish Japanese funk—and it’s tempting to visualize this crew sitting around with a map, drawing lines from point A to point Z and then writing a song around it. But guiding forces and multi-instrumentalists (really, there’s a lot) John Kruth and Jeff Greene are out for something greater and less studied than that, and the self-explanatory New Songs from the Old Country is their most fully realized and sharply focused ‘round-the-world trip yet.

Authors: Jeff Tamarkin
Artist: TriBeCaStan
Album: New Songs from the Old Country
Label: Evergreene