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The Men: Tomorrow’s Hits

by Jesse Jarnow on March 06, 2014

The Men sure grew up quickly, moving in four albums flat from melody-drenched post-noise to fuzzed-out classic rock. And while the eight songs on Tomorrow’s Hits burble with over-saturated punk ecstasy, there’s no mistaking them for anything but accessible. The amalgam should appeal to fans of grunge-swirl titans the Screaming Trees, or current partisans of My Morning Jacket in search of something less tamed and more rocking. There are high-speed horn choogles (“Pearly Gates”), tremolo-dappled laments for long drives (“Settle Me Down”), the odd hard-driving rock number (“Different Days”) and a keynote opener that struts like glittering coke booger “Wild Night”-era Van Morrison (“Another Night”)—a swirl of brassy glamour keenly feeding The Men’s ever-blooming roots.

Authors: Jesse Jarnow
Artist: The Men
Album: Tomorrow’s Hits
Label: Sacred Bones