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The Head and the Heart: Let’s Be Still

by Joshua M. Miller on October 16, 2013

The name of The Head and the Heart’s sophomore album, Let’s Be Still, is not without irony. Their debut featured folk-pop songs that were mostly anything but still and, after that album’s popularity, they've stayed in perpetual motion. With that said, Let’s Be Still mixes some folk-pop spunk from the first release
with a more experienced, mature and sentimental mindset. The band experiments a little more on this album including the synth-led “Summertime,” which features Charity Rose Thielen on vocals. “Shake” and the title track are two of the album’s highlights. Sophomore albums rarely match the energy of a
band's first release but with Still, The Head and the Heart try to find subtler and newer ways to stay on the move.

Authors: Joshua M. Miller
Artist: The Head and the Heart
Album: Let’s Be Still
Label: Sub Pop

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