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The Growlers: Gilded Pleasures

by Wesley Hodges on February 11, 2014

The Growlers are SoCal’s modern psychedelic misfit pranksters. Brooks Nielsen’s irreverent sense of humor is on display throughout Gilded Pleasures, as
he delivers off-kilter lyrics in his always-deadpan, baked-throat rasp like “little girls don’t last forever, enjoy them while you can” in “Dogheart II.” The album’s highlight, “Humdrum Blues,” features a healthy wash of colorful and lysergic waves of slow-rolling psychedelic sway emanating from Matt Taylor’s guitar. “Pretend I’m Gay” has a bent-up, whiskey bar sound taking a page out of the country blues sound that The Doors so favored. With a bent-up and
distorted style nodding to ‘60s surf rock, The Growlers continue to deliver a modernized take on the enduring slacker psych-rock sound. Flowing by in a flash, this quality output lends itself to repeat listens.

Authors: Wesley Hodges
Artist: The Growlers
Album: Gilded Pleasures
Label: Everloving