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The Donkeys: Ride the Black Wave

by Richard Gehr on July 30, 2014

The ambivalent allure and ennui of life on the sunny Pacific Coast runs through Ride the Black Wave, the self-questioning fourth album from fab San Diego country-rockers the Donkeys. Whether to remain in Cali or move to France is the nagging question in “Sunny Daze,” a mellow meditation employing the band’s winsome harmonies, serpentine keyboard and woozy slide guitar. The Donkeys cut to the cosmic chase in the slithering, sitar-driven strains of “Imperial Beach” and “Blues in the Afternoon,” a condensed account of the great Western migration. But where do you go from there? If not France, then the Hawaiian-flavored “Brown Eyed Lady” and “Bahamas” suggest other viable options.

Authors: Richard Gehr
Album: Ride the Black Wave
Label: Easy Sound