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The Black Keys: Brothers

by Glenn BurnSilver on May 20, 2010


Though The Black Keys are still a duo – Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney – with Brothers the pair moves beyond the stripped down, primal drumming and nasty, howling guitars that marked the band’s early years. Recorded at Alabama’s famed Muscle Shoals Studios, there is little wonder that Brothers finds the Keys blending piano, strings, guest vocals, organ and more for a lush, soulful sound often reminiscent of the early ‘70s when blues and soul frequently collided head-on – typically with good results. Yet, even with some light hip-hop overtones on the opening track, this is clearly a bluesy album that’s well-rounded while showcasing The Black Keys ability to mix styles and influences without losing sight of where it all began.

Authors: Glenn BurnSilver
Artist: The Black Keys
Tags: the black keys
Album: Brothers

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