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Sonny Rollins: Road Shows, Volume 3

by Jeff Tamarkin on August 21, 2014

One thing becomes apparent rather quickly as this third volume of Sonny Rollins’ Road Shows series plays out: there isn't any pretense of democracy at work here. Where many
jazz outfits spread the wealth, allotting solo time to all members in equal doses, Rollins is nearly always blowing up front here. That’s not to take anything away from his musicians, which include longtime
bassist Bob Cranshaw and trombonist Clifton Anderson. They too would appear to understand why audiences come to a Sonny Rollins concert: to take in as much of that still-remarkable saxophone
as the man can turn out during the course of an evening. The tracks on this collection span the years 2001-2012 and Rollins, who is now 83, proves throughout that he is every bit the iconoclastic marvel that he was 50 years ago. He’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Authors: Jeff Tamarkin
Artist: Sonny Rollins
Album: Road Shows, Volume 3
Label: Doxy/ Okeh