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Slim Wray: Sack Lunch

by Nancy Dunham on February 03, 2014

There’s something about hearing the squeal of fingers heard running up and down the fretboard on Slim Wray’s song “House of D” that summons visceral
responses of other senses—the feel of boosting yourself onto a bar stool, the smell of cigarette smoke hanging in the air and the sight of sweaty musicians
prancing and performing on a small stage as if it were Madison Square Garden. Slim Wray, known individually as Chris Moran and Howzr, is every cool garage band that you love and still feel like no one else. The sound shifts like the color on a vintage Wurlitzer jukebox from melodic (“I Gotta Girl (With a List of Needs)”) to Rolling Stones’ nasty (“Cutout”) to Memphis Blues (“Sunshine”) without ever straying too far from its wailing guitar and pulsating drum roots. This Relix JamOff winner rocks it outta the park.

Authors: Nancy Dunham
Artist: Slim Wray
Album: Sack Lunch
Label: Self-Released

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