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Ruthie Foster: Promise of a Brand New Day

by Michael Verity on August 20, 2014

It is truly disturbing that average singers can become famous in the mainstream while Ruthie Foster remains a well-kept secret. She’s a force of nature, a singer who channels Bessie Smith as well as Joni Mitchell, and a woman who’s filled with spirit—with the gift of translating simple emotion into profound statement. Promise of a Brand New Day melds all the elements of her repertoire that have electrified us during her 17-year career—from the gospel blues of the title cut to the angry promise of “Second Coming” to the sultry soul of “It Might Not Be Right” to the soaring heartbreak ballad of “Learning To Fly.” Let the mainstream continue to wander blindly if they choose; we remain steadfast and exult in the beauty of her music.

Authors: Michael Verity
Artist: Ruthie Foster
Album: Promise of a Brand New Day
Label: Ble Corn

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