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Rich Mahan: Blame Bobby Bare

by Jess Novak on August 07, 2013

Snortin’ Horse

By just reading the 10 track titles of Blame Bobby Bare, you know you’re in for a good romp through some hardly serious tunes. With songs like “Mama Found My Bong” and “Rehab’s For Quitters” – and lyrics about nuking gay whales for Jesus – Nashville rocker Rich Mahan knows how to catch listeners off-guard in the best way. His debut solo album is a deadly combination of rock, country and playful wit with serious players to legitimize this collection of humor put to music. Legendary harmonica player PT Gazell and pedal steel guitarist Robby Turner make appearances, and the contributions make the album as irresistible as the smile you can hear on Mahan as he sings, “I believe you should get me another beer.” Bobby Bare must be proud.

Authors: Jess Novak
Artist: Rich Mahan
Tags: rich mahan
Album: Blame Bobby Bare

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