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Quilt: Held In Splendor

January 24, 2014

Since the release of their self-titled debut album in the winter months of 2011, Boston psych-folk band Quilt have gone through a number of lineup change—first starting with the departure of founding drummer/vocalist Taylor McVey, followed by the addition of drummer John Andrews and, more recently, bassist Keven Lareau (The Migs, MMOSS). As a result of the augmented lineup, on Held In Splendor Quilt diverts from their folksy origins and influences
toward a fuller, more energetic rock sound. And, with the addition of Woods’ Jarvis Taveniere on production duties, the album also manages to strip away the lo-fi murk that enshrouded the debut, making way for a sound that more ideally suits the subtle nuances and intricacies of Quilt’s interweaving musical patterns. Held In Splendor’s songs are cleaner and sharper, but perhaps due to their increased complexity, they take time to sink in. But once they do, each one begins to represent an unquestionable step forward—a step toward something more uniquely and decidedly Quilt.

Artist: Quilt
Album: Held In Splendor
Label: Mexican Summer

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