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Puss N Boots: No Fools, No Fun

by Lee Zimmerman on July 22, 2014

Consider this CSN’s feminine alter ego. Norah Jones continues her transition from late-night chanteuse to Americana enthusiast with Puss N Boots, a supergroup of sorts that teams her with folkie foils Sasha Dobson and Catherine Popper. Indeed, modest arrangements and supple strums aside, No Fools, No Fun makes a formidable first impression. Apt covers, courtesy of Neil Young, Wilco, The Band and other icons, buttress the bottom line, but original offerings also fit seamlessly into the mix. “Don’t Know What It Means” ranks with Jones’ best—a spunky shuffle that finds Hank Sr. top of mind. Whether it becomes a full-time occupation or an occasional means for moonlighting remains to be seen, but either way, Puss N Boots sure sounds like the cat’s meow.

Authors: Lee Zimmerman
Artist: Puss N Boots
Album: No Fools, No Fun

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