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December Relix Magazine Sampler: Chris Robinson Brotherhood “New Cannonball Rag”
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New Bums: Voices in a Rented Room

by Jesse Jarnow on June 17, 2014

Nu-psychedelic guitar hero Ben Chasny has made a side career of adding quizzical acoustic/electric dazzle to folk duos (200 Years) and screaming/diving/exploding blues explosions (Comets on Fire). But his latest partnership, with Skygreen Leopards’ Donovan Quinn, introduces a newish move: singing. On the dozen songs credited to the New Bums, Chasny’s gruff vocals fill out luminous, quietly vibrating arrangements (“Town on the Water,” “Sometimes You Crash”), his guitar less ornamentation and more a part of a complete and alluring atmosphere. Subtle inventions in drumless rhythms, and a blend that belongs as much to the collective as its members, gives Voices in a Rented Room a warmth that transcends skill-sets and a welcoming glow perfectly fit for home use.

Authors: Jesse Jarnow
Artist: New Bums
Album: Voices in a Rented Room
Label: Drag City