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Neil Finn: Dizzy Heights

by Glenn BurnSilver on April 15, 2014

It’s impossible to mistake the nasally falsetto of Crowded House frontman Neil Finn, but on Dizzy Heights, he tries, opening the album in perfectly unexpected lumbering fashion, with his pop aspirations buried under a heavy drone, atmospheric vocals and stingy guitar strikes. Finn’s classic style more or less returns in mutated form on the head-spinning title track, “Better Than TV,” “Flying in the Face of Love” and most of the 11 tracks. Yet, in creating a solo album, Finn escapes the Crowded House expectations and clearly finds joy in the open experimentation of crazy guitar solos, vocal effects, electro-pop accentuations, and otherworldly “odd shapes” and expanses created by Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev producer Dave Fridmann. Finn’s reaching, and listeners should reach back. Glenn BurnSilver

Authors: Glenn BurnSilver
Artist: Neil Finn
Album: Dizzy Heights
Label: Lester