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Natalie Cressman: Turn The Sea

by Sam D’Arcangelo on May 08, 2014

Natalie Cressman takes a big step forward with her self-produced sophomore album, Turn The Sea. The record finds the Trey Anastasio Band trombonist showing off her vocal chops while experimenting with a variety of styles within a jazz framework, and the result is surprisingly mature for such a young artist. Whether she’s dipping her toes into the avant-garde (“Fortune’s Fool”), getting a bit funky (“Stolen Away”) or building to a climax (“Winter Chill”), Cressman’s newest material reveals an impressive level of lyrical and compositional complexity. (She also covers Bon Iver's “Blindsided.”) Adding some extra weight to the material, Cressman surrounds herself with a bevy of talented musicians, including TAB bandmate James Casey. Jamband fans have already heard about Natalie Cressman the trombonist, but hopefully, they will hear more of Natalie Cressman the singer-songwriter as well.

Authors: Sam D’Arcangelo
Artist: Natalie Cressman
Album: Turn The Sea
Label: Self-Released

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