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Luther Dickinson: Rock ‘n Roll Blues

by Ron Hart on April 08, 2014

Growing up in rural Mississippi, Luther Dickinson felt like he was the only Black Flag fan for miles. The excitement of finally seeing the LA hardcore legends perform at a Memphis record shop is told on “Vandalize,” a primal punch of hollerin’ Beck-like hop that opens up his revealing new solo album Rock ‘n Roll Blues. Recorded in the Dickinson family studio, Zebra Ranch—with a powerhouse female rhythm section of bassist Amy LaVere and drummer Sharde Thomas—Dickinson utilizes a largely acoustic country-boogie vibe that closely resembles his late father Jim’s classic 1972 LP Dixie Fried. Throughout, he tell tales of humble beginnings far removed from his better known efforts with the North Mississippi Allstars, The Word and The Black Crowes on tracks like “Bar Band” and “Blood ‘n Guts.” But while Dickinson’s electric guitar pyrotechnics might be on the back burner here, the songwriting on Rock ‘n Roll Blues is so engrossing that you’ll hardly miss a lick.

Authors: Ron Hart
Artist: Luther Dickinson
Album: Rock ‘n Roll Blues
Label: New West