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Little Dragon: Nabuma Rubberband

by Emily Zemler on July 09, 2014

On Nabuma Rubberband, Little Dragon’s follow-up to their 2011 effort Ritual Union, there is a distinct sense of mood created that seeps throughout all 12 tracks. Part ethereal indie rock and part soaring electronic ambience, the album resounds with a sonic buoyancy—each song lingering in tempo rather than surging propulsively. The Swedish group was apparently inspired by R&B, including the music of Prince and Janet Jackson, and occasionally, that influence creeps into the atmospheric smoothness of the instrumentation. “Cat Rider” is sparsely built, with the slow glide of Yukimi Nagano’s vocals driving the melody, while “Klapp Klapp” draws on layers of rhythm and slinking synth tones for a faster-paced, pop-tinged number. It’s a subtler album than Ritual Union, but the understated nature of the songs seems to suit these musicians.

Authors: Emily Zemler
Artist: Little Dragon
Album: Nabuma Rubberband
Label: Republic