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Larkin Grimm: Chasing an Illusion

by Richard Gehr on August 08, 2017
“How I love your true nature,” croons Larkin Grimm on Chasing an Illusion, before adding, “but I’m not sure about the rest of you.” The former Dirty Projectors singer explores the frequent friction between aspirational spirituality and everyday life on her fifth album, which billows and squirms on nervous waves of harp, strings, banjo and percussion. Grimm wails and testifies with a king of raw harmolodic soul inspired by jazz gurus Alice Coltrane, Ornette Coleman and Pharoah Sanders. But she appears to have rejected the thesis of opener “Ah Love Is Oceanic Pleasure” by the time the title track rolls along.
Authors: Richard Gehr
Artist: Larkin Grimm
Album: Chasing an Illusion
Label: Northern Spy