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Kevin Morby: Harlem River

by Dylan Owens on February 04, 2014

Woods bassist and Babies guitarist/singer Kevin Morby goes solo to shake out a short-story compilation’s worth of vignettes in Harlem River. Vintage production values might as well be a prerequisite over at Woodsist and Morby’s reverb-spattered record is no exception. Despite surface similarities, the
dreamy LP sets itself apart from Morby’s other projects from the start, dabbling in soul and folk and coming off a touch more intimate. Highlights abound but the album puts its best foot forward with single “Miles, Miles, Miles,” a half-swinging, half-slow dance doo-wop about the effects of rambling on the psyche. Coming in at a close second is the slinking “Harlem River,” which the album takes its name from, and a choice (if played) metaphor for love, “I don’t know just where I’m going or where I’ve been.” Let’s hope it’s a venue nearby.

Authors: Dylan Owens
Artist: Kevin Morby
Album: Harlem River
Label: Woodsist