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It’s a Beautiful Day: Live at the Fillmore ’68

by Jeff Tamarkin on January 08, 2014

If they hadn’t contributed anything to the San Francisco rock lexicon but “White Bird,” It’s a Beautiful Day would still be deserving of plaudits—it’s such a flawless composition and so emblematic of the pure, pre-decadence Summer of Love vibe. But there was a lot more to the band (which still exists today with founding vocalist/violinist David LaFlamme helming) and this live set from the Fillmore elucidates why. Like all of the Bay Area bands of the era, IABD was fond of stretching out instrumentally, incorporating Eastern motifs, modal jazz and more. But LaFlamme’s sophisticated songcraft gave them more to work with than most, and his vocal interaction with Patti Santos was as intoxicating as his violin playing. On tracks such as the spellbinding “Bulgaria,” the epic closer “Hot Summer Day” and, of course, “White Bird,” the band is in total command. A DVD focusing on LaFlamme accompanies the live CD—it includes interviews, video clips and more.

Authors: Jeff Tamarkin
Artist: It’s a Beautiful Day
Album: Live at the Fillmore ’68
Label: Classic Music Vault