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Hard Working Americans: Hard Working Americans

by Ron Hart on February 14, 2014

Take any foregone conclusions that you may have about a supergroup consisting of Todd Snider, Neal Casal, Widespread Panic’s Dave Schools, Great American Taxi’s Chad Staehly and Duane Trucks and toss them right out the window. As the Hard Working Americans, these gentlemen—who never worked alongside each other before and united Real World style in Bob Weir’s TRI Studios with a preconceived list of great songs from the modern country-rock songbook—bring it as though they’ve been together for years. And the selections chosen certainly help bolster this ad-hoc outfit’s name choice, namely the Bottle Rockets’ 1995 hootenanny “Welfare Music,” the ever-underrated BR5-49’s “Run A Mile” and a great all-guitars rendition of the classic Randy Newman rag “Mr. President (Have Pity on the Working Man).” When it comes to great all-star outfits, stick HWA right between the Highwaymen and Humble Pie.

Authors: Ron Hart
Artist: Hard Working Americans
Album: Hard Working Americans

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