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FiKus: Living Life Through Multicolored Scenery

by Emilee Sousa on September 03, 2014

In just 13 tracks, FiKus has created a record that displays the band’s ability to cross all genres. With each number on their full-length debut, the band glides through elements of rock, funk, soul, dance and even jazz. The opening section of Living Life Through Multicolored Scenery’s title track segues from a deep keyboard intro of murky sounds into a more formal grand piano section. The two sections blend together so fluidly that they form a pseudo space, behind an upfront bassline and deep lyrics. Easily the album’s most infectious number, “Something Stanky” sets an easy groove into motion, starting off with a nice funky build. Using tension and release, the number hits a longer peak on the keyboards before the lyrical skating of the melody takes the track to the chorus. “Tempest in a Teapot” ebbs and flows between genres, though as a whole the record lacks a certain cohesiveness to it. The album is certainly a solid introduction to FiKus’ music, but many of the songs will likely find their legs during the band’s marathon live shows.

Authors: Emilee Sousa
Artist: FiKus
Album: Living Life Through Multicolored Scenery
Label: Self-Released

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