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Eno • Hyde: Someday World

by Ron Hart on July 24, 2014

For all that he’s achieved through instrumental music in these last 40-odd years, there’s still nothing like hearing Brian Eno’s distinct monotone croon on record. And Someday World, the ambient maestro’s proper studio debut with longtime collaborator Karl Hyde of Underworld, is undoubtedly his most gratifying vocal endeavor since 1990’s Wrong Way Up with John Cale. Co-produced by Eno with his 22-year-old understudy Fred Gibson, these nine new songs are like a master’s class in art pop authenticity, where driving melodies normally reserved for the likes of Coldplay and U2 are re-patterned to abstract perfection on highlights like “Daddy’s Car” and “Who Rings the Bell.” Guests abound on Someday World as well, but none—save for Eno’s daughter Darla—are more noteworthy than his former Roxy Music foil Andy Mackay, marking the first time that the two have appeared on an album together since Phil Manzanera’s 1975 solo classic Diamond Head. Call this the re-taking of Tiger Mountain.

Authors: Ron Hart
Artist: Eno • Hyde
Album: Someday World
Label: Warp

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