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Elf Power: Sunlight on the Moon

by Ron Hart on December 11, 2013

Out of any of the bands bred within the confines of the storied Elephant 6 collective, Elf Power is perhaps the one act who most evoke the classic sound of their Athens, Ga.-based home. But in their 19-year history, the spirits of such hometown heroes as Love Tractor and Vic Chesnutt have never been as pronounced as theyare on the quintet’s latest full-length, Sunlight on the Moon. Even when the band goes into Eno-esque electronic territory on cuts like “Grotesquely Born Anew” and “Darkest Wave,” they can’t hide the jangle embossed beneath their creative undercarriage, regardless of how hard they try to emulate the glory of their lo-fi salad days. But it is that sense of push-and-pull with their legacy that helps render Sunlight their brightest and boldest work in years.

Authors: Ron Hart
Artist: Elf Power
Album: Sunlight on the Moon
Label: Orange Twin