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Eagulls: Eagulls

by Ron Hart on March 19, 2014

From its status as the location of The Who’s greatest live album to the origins of such renowned post-punk acts as Gang of Four, The Mekons and The Wedding Present, Leeds, England has been a hub of British music for nearly 45 years. And emerging from the town’s white-hot DIY underground youth movement comes Eagulls, who after five years of woodshedding, have released their eponymous pipe bomb of a debut LP. You can hear the roughest edges of shoegaze sharpened like a Middle English dagger as they traipse the genre across the cement of their hardcore roots on explosive opening cut “Nerve Endings” and the feral “Fester/Blister.” Eagulls is an LP as gritty as the rusted-out car that graces its front cover.

Authors: Ron Hart
Artist: Eagulls
Album: Eagulls
Label: Partisan