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Dawn Landes: Bluebird

by Michael Verity on April 23, 2014

Don’t be fooled by the honey-toned sweetness of Dawn Landes’ voice, the carefree spirit of her melodies or the gentleness of her arrangements. This record carries deep weight and meaning, speaking profoundly of love, loss, life and friendship. “Once you lose your temper, you can never get it back,” she says on “Oh Brother,” an incisive meditation on siblings who “walk the bloodline.” A gentle piano accompaniment sets the tone for “Diamond Rivers,” which “run in streaks, down (her) lover’s cheeks,” while guest Norah Jones adds delicious harmonies to the Carter Family inspired “Cry No More.” As her upbringing in the pastoral landscape of Kentucky is balanced with the rough poetic justice of her Brooklyn home, so, too, is this record both heart-mending and heartbreaking.

Authors: Michael Verity
Artist: Dawn Landes
Album: Bluebird
Label: Western Vinyl