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Cut Copy: Free Your Mind

by Emily Zemler on November 22, 2013

On Free Your Mind, Cut Copy’s fourth album, the Australian group achieves what Daft Punk’s recent disc merely tiptoed around. The electronic tracks here resonate with buoyant excess—the layers of synth and guitar rock elements build to create vast, dynamic dance numbers that feel equally accessible and strange. The album’s flagship single, “Let Me Show You Love,” is a six-minute romping electro track, setting the irreverent, surging tone that characterizes the album. The songs veer from prancing dance floor anthems like “In Memory Capsule” to the sparser ambience of “Take Me Higher” and “Walking in the
Sky,” intercut with connecting interludes. The single is the most immediate moment, but it succeeds in drawing the listener into the rest of the album’s dramatic corners.
Emily Zemler

Authors: Emily Zemler
Artist: Cut Copy
Album: Free Your Mind
Label: Loma Vista/Republic

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