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Crystal Stilts: Nature Noir

by Ron Hart on November 21, 2013

For the all-important third album, Crystal Stilts move a little further upstate from the dark cool of the garage goth psychedelia that’s made them the toast of the Brooklyn rock scene. With Nature Noir, the quintet scale back the electricity of their previous work just enough to reveal the earth beneath their interstellar underpinnings. Songs like the Searchers-esque “Memory Room” and the somber chamber pop of closing track “Phases Forever” offer a creative counterbalance to standard Stilts fare such as “Future Folklore” and “Electrons Rising,” adding a whole new dimension to their perspective that beautifully borders their growth as both performers and composers. It will be quite interesting to see where they go from this most impressive sonic thesis on man and the environs around him.

Authors: Ron Hart
Artist: Crystal Stilts
Album: Nature Noir
Label: Sacredbones