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Book Review: Dinosaur Jr.

by Dean Budnick on July 08, 2014

With the feel of a scrapbook or, perhaps more to the point, a zine from the late ‘80s, Dinosaur Jr. supplies the fitting format to relate their official story as high-decibel indie-rock forefathers. While the pages are designed with DIY flair and topped by Marq Spusta’s whimsical cover illustration, this hardcover effort is destined for the bookshelves and coffee tables of the band’s steady supporters. The image-laden text draws on original interviews with J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph along with former members Mike Johnson and George Berz, as candid photos complement an honest account of tensions and triumphs alike. Fellow musicians also share their perspectives, including Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon and Bob Mould, who opines, “While J was obviously an influence of the current American indie guitar scene in the States, it was the bands he inspired—rather than Dinosaur Jr.—who became the major influence.” This contention will be familiar to the core audience for this book, who likely will echo Barlow’s belief that, “Good music always seems to come of turbulence.”

Authors: Dean Budnick
Artist: Dinosaur Jr.
Album: Dinosaur Jr.
Label: Rocket 88