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Beats Antique: A Thousand Faces Act I

by Sam D’Arcangelo on December 19, 2013

Joseph Campbell’s work has influenced countless musicians from Jim Morrison to the Grateful Dead.Now, Beats Antique have taken his classic book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, and used it as the launching pad for the first half of their two-part concept album, A Thousand Faces Act 1. Each song interprets a different part of Campbell’s “hero’s journey,” turning the different segments into musical offerings that are often chaotic (“Doors Of Destiny,” “Beezlebub”) but also have moments of ethereal beauty (“You the Starry Eyed,” “Pandora’s Box”). Beats Antique have never shied away from breaking
genre boundaries and this release isn’t any different. Much like the book that inspired it, this concept album’s explosive tracks combine the styles of various cultures to create a coherent whole.

Authors: Sam D’Arcangelo
Artist: Beats Antique
Album: A Thousand Faces Act I
Label: 10 Spot