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Aa (Big A Little a): VoyAager

by Richard Gehr on February 05, 2014

Aa (Big A Little a) makes the sort of primitive-futurist caterwaul that you wish an Occupy drum circle sounded like. On VoyAager, Aa sometimes sound like Animal Collective with more drums, but usually they simply sound like their own many selves: a multi-percussive, electronically augmented trans-Brooklyn express (“Gowntower”), a samba club from Hell (“Fish Phone”) or a torture chamber for elves (“Pug Pit”). VoyAager clocks in short at 31:20 but if it were much longer, then you’d have to start a revolution.

Authors: Richard Gehr
Artist: Aa (Big A Little a)
Album: VoyAager
Label: Northern Spy

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