Mike Stern: Trip

by Jeff Tamarkin on February 07, 2018
You have to know the backstory to understand where Mike Stern is coming from here. While waiting for a cab in New York City he tripped—literally, on some construction debris—and broke both arms....

Lorenzo Feliciati: Elevator Man

by Richard Gehr on February 06, 2018
The ghost of Jaco Pastorius benignly haunts Elevator Man, the third solo album by the Italian bassist Lorenzo Feliciati. A low-end horn section—trombone, bass trombone and baritone saxophone—lends...

Calexico: The Thread That Keeps Us

by Mike Ayers on February 05, 2018
 For more than 20 years now, Calexico has owned the desert-rock landscape with a subtle combination of Arthur Lee and Love-esque psychedelia meets mariachi meets country-rock. That sound has made...

Julian Lage: Modern Lore

by Jeff Tamarkin on February 02, 2018
Although he is often— correctly—described as one of the most innovative jazz guitarists today, Julian Lage isn’t pigeonholed that easily. Modern Lore, Lage’s second album with his trio...

Kllo: Backwater

by Bill Murphy on February 01, 2018
 There’s a prominent techno backbone to this Melbourne duo’s full-length debut, but it’s a far sight beyond the usual four-on-the-floor beats and whistly synthesizers. Folding in tastes of...

Flamin’ Groovies: Fantastic Plastic

by Jeff Tamarkin on January 31, 2018
Back in the heyday of the San Francisco ballrooms, while everyone else was jamming the night away, Flamin’ Groovies served as outliers, keeping their songs short, melodic and tied directly to...