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January_February Relix Magazine Sampler: Tim Reynolds “A Tangled Web We Weave”
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NRBQ: High Noon—A 50-Year Retrospective

by Jeff Tamarkin on February 24, 2017
It’s probably a good thing that NRBQ never became famous. Who knows what we would have lost if success had gone to their heads, if they’d started playing by the rules and doing the kinds of...

Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge: Mount Royal

by Lee Zimmerman on February 23, 2017
A meeting of both minds and music, Mount Royal provides the second collaboration between guitar wizards Julian Lage and Chris “Critter” Eldridge, the latter moonlighting from his gig with...

Natalie Cressman & Mike Bono: Etchings in Amber

by Justin Joffe on February 22, 2017
Natalie Cressman first joined forces with guitarist Mike Bono two years ago, but both artists have been traveling the world with other projects since then. Their first release as a duo, Etchings...

Brian Eno: Reflection

by Bill Murphy on February 21, 2017
As he gets older, Brian Eno is discovering that all roads lead back to his 1975 ambient milestone Discreet Music, and with good reason: Eno conceived the piece in a hospital bed while recovering...

The Doors: London Fog 1966

by Jeff Tamarkin on February 17, 2017
Most bands, when they’re first starting out, are lost in the wilderness; that’s just the way it is. It takes any group of musicians time to find that sweet spot where their individual artistic...

Buck Curran: Immortal Light

by Jesse Jarnow on February 16, 2017
For those who dig their acoustic folk on the mystic side, there’s guitarist Buck Curran’s solo debut, Immortal Light. One-half of Arborea, Curran’s first album under his own name invokes...

Club d’Elf: Live at Club Helsinki

by Richard Gehr on February 15, 2017
Club d’Elf’s double-disc Live at Club Helsinki captures Mike Rivard’s remarkable Morocco-meets-space-funk fusion ensemble on a particularly spicy night in 2012. Rivard (who plays both bass...

Gillian Welch: Boots No. 1—The Official Revival Bootleg

by Jeff Tamarkin on February 14, 2017
Whether you want to call it Americana, roots music, folk or something else, Gillian Welch has been at the forefront of it since she first emerged 20 years ago with Revival, her T Bone...

The Wood Brothers: Live at the Barn

by Lee Zimmerman on February 13, 2017
It’s only natural that The Wood Brothers would find live environs such natural habitats, well-suited to their amalgam of blues, funk and rootsy revival. Given the fact that they’re frequently...

Doyle Bramhall II at BB King’s

by Photos by Lou Montesano, Review by Petter Jurew on February 11, 2017
Doyle Bramhall II BB King's Blues ClubNew York January 27 With the dawn of the new American Reich upon us, music remains one of the only ways to deal with the daily insanity. In search of...

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