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March Relix Magazine Sampler: Greensky Bluegrass | "Living Over"
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Real Estate: In Mind

by Ryan Reed on March 28, 2017
“Two Arrows,” a slice of daydream-y jangle from Real Estate’s fourth LP, concludes with a spiraling, psychedelic crescendo—electric guitars, synthesizers and bass crisscross into a drowsy...

Cloud Nothings: Life Without Sound

by Ryan Reed on March 27, 2017
Cloud Nothings began as a lo-fi bedroom solo project but they have blossomed into a legitimate rock band over the past eight years. Dylan Baldi’s last two LPs, 2012’s Attack on Memory and...

Spiral Stairs: Doris and the Daggers

by Bill Murphy on March 24, 2017
Pavement reunions seem to coincide with new Spiral Stairs albums—which are preciously infrequent but, when they happen, you can be assured of a batch of curvy, catchy rock songs that tug with...

Grandaddy: Last Place

by Emily Zemler on March 23, 2017
Last Place is Grandaddy’s first new album since their 2006 split and 2012 reformation. It not only marks a new chapter in the California rock band’s career, but also effectively restarts it....

Dungen: Häxan

by Ryan Reed on March 22, 2017
With their symphonic progrock instrumentation and psychedelic soundscapes, Dungen have always borrowed liberally from their ‘70s heroes. The Swedish quartet digs even deeper into the past on...

New Orleans Suspects: Kaleidoscoped

by J. Poet on March 21, 2017
This supergroup started life as a pick-up band at the Maple Leaf, one of the oldest live music venues in New Orleans. Led by drummer “Mean” Willie Green, the band’s ranks include saxophonist...

Mushroom: Psychedelic Soul on Wax

by Richard Gehr on March 17, 2017
West Coast psychedelic-soul collective Mushroom provides porn-funking musical accompaniment to Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver’s 1971 denunciation of acid guru Timothy Leary on the...

Railroad Earth at 9:30 Club

by Wesley Hodges on March 16, 2017
Photo by Sean O'BrienRailroad Earth 9:30 ClubWashington, DC March 10 Railroad Earth’s annual weekend stint at 9:30 Club was renewed on a blustery Friday night, and a casually late bunch...

Mickey Hart: Planet Drum (25th Anniversary Edition)

by Bill Murphy on March 16, 2017
When talking about the most influential world-music recordings of the last 30 years, Planet Drum surely belongs in the same conversation as Paul Simon’s Graceland or the Ry Cooder-produced Buena...

People of the North: The Caul

by Jesse Jarnow on March 15, 2017
Spun-off from Brooklyn drone-jam mainstays Oneida, People of the North is a two-man sub-unit featuring keyboardist Bobby Matador and drummer Kid Millions. Creating in the deepest and most abstract...

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