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Prince Rupert’s Drops

by Sam Davis on April 18, 2014

Not Just Another Lost Nugget

Brooklyn, NY

For years, Prince Rupert’s Drops have been one of Brooklyn’s best-kept secrets. The group formed back in 2005 when acclaimed comic-artist Leslie Stein invited Bruno Meyrick-Jones, her co-worker at an East Village record shop, to occupy the spare room in her Bushwick apartment. Spending their impoverished nights drawing and playing music together, the pair eventually decided to form a group along with friends and former bandmates. After having trouble deciding on a name, Meyrick-Jones came up with Prince Rupert’s Drops, referring to an experiment with glass dealing with tension. “Most of us still think it’s a terrible name,” says Stein. “But at least it kind of sounds like a band that had one good song on a Nuggets box set.” Drawing comparisons to artists ranging from Fairport Convention to Captain Beefheart, the band recorded a series of tracks over time that sat in limbo for nearly five years due to budgetary constraints. But now, with their music released unto the world, PRD have quickly risen into one of the most exciting acts on the Brooklyn psych scene, having recently shared stages with local rock heroes like Endless Boogie and psychedelic noiseniks Black Dice. Prince Rupert’s Drops is a name you won’t soon forget, and one you’ll likely be seeing a great deal more of now that the word is out.

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