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Desert Noises

by Amy Jacques on June 20, 2014

Road-Written, Road-Tested, Road-Influenced

“It’s been a wild ride—new experiences and new friendships made every night, says Desert Noises singer/rhythm guitarist Kyle Henderson. “It’s eye-opening and mindblowing.” These four “adventurers” met through the local music scene in their hometown of Provo, Utah five years ago, and the group still often crashes on floors. According to Henderson that tactic is “the best because we’ll come back through on another tour and reconnect with those people and have more crazy experiences together.” Desert Noises recently released 27 Ways, their first LP with the current lineup, which contains songs that were all road-written, road-tested and road-influenced, and recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in Texas. The band’s name came from a dream that Henderson had one night, and he calls their sound: “Party, party, sexy party, Denzel. Rugged, raw, delicious.” While their creative process is inspired by “life,” and their jangly and psychedelic rock-and-roll sound is influenced by “the beauty of Utah geographically” and its “diverse music scene,” they were also all involved in music at a young age as part of their Mormon upbringing. Desert Noises enjoys live shows because of the shared experience with the audience. “We definitely get louder compared to a lot of our recordings but we change the set each night, so if there’s a song someone’s wanting to hear, we’re usually always down to bust it out,” Henderson says. “We’re gonna be on the road all year long so keep an eye out and let’s have a beer!”

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