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September Relix Magazine Sampler: "Sheep" - Buddha Council
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by Amy Jacques on August 15, 2014

All Types of Love

“Five years ago, we were all good buddies just playin’ on each other’s tunes around bonfires and bottles,” says Denver’s Tom Bevitori. “Then, people started booking us at venues and giving us money to show up. We took this as an easy way to get free drinks—still do, I guess.” The Northwest-based Americana group released their second full-length album, Rowdy Love, produced by Blitzen Trapper’s Eric Earley, in mid-July on Mama Bird. (Longtime friend Earley also played electric guitar and sang harmonies on most of the album.) Recorded live in just two days at Adam Selzer’s Type Foundry Studio, it showcases the vocal and songwriting abilities of all three full-time band members—Birger Olsen, Mike Elias and Bevitori—who each have different creative inspirations. “This album was written from our different takes on love at the time: Mike was rekindling his long lost love, Birger was about to be married to his love, and I had just lost the woman I married and was all out of love,” Bevitori says. He adds, “That’s the vibe we try and keep—just honest and simple.” Denver have met some “real-deal, good folks” along the way, which has been the most interesting part of touring for them, and look forward to studio time ahead. “Denver in a live setting is like watching a tire fire: Nothin’ gonna stop it, so you may as well join in, feel the heat and embrace the good times,” says Bevitori. “The sound is simple. It’s like a family band all tuned up and ready for a big party.”

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