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Relix Magazine December CD Sampler: "Baby Please Come Home" | The Barefoot Movement
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On The Verge: Lido Beach

Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta | November 28, 2017
Natalie EscobedoLos AngelesRock-and-Roll ResurrectedOn the eve of Lido Beach’s first show in over two years, Scott Waldman is sitting in his mom’s kitchen working on his second cup of coffee....

On The Verge: The Travelin’ Hillbillies

Kyle Morgan | October 19, 2017
Harrisonburg, VAIn Good CompanyWhen The Travelin’ Hillbillies released the single “All in Good Company,” the last thing that the Harrisonburg, Va.-based group expected was to be adorned with...

On The Verge: Caleb Caudle

John Adamian | October 06, 2017
Winston-Salem, N.C. A Growing-Up RecordCaleb Caudle has already left town and returned. The North Carolina singer-songwriter came home to Winston-Salem after living in New Orleans for a stretch....

On the Verge: ​The Dustbowl Revival

Larson Sutton | September 15, 2017
Los AngelesJoyful, Cathartic StorytellersThe Dustbowl Revival have already staked their claim as hometown favorites, thanks to their can’t-miss concerts, but the Los Angeles-based eight-piece...

On The Verge: Algiers

Matt Inman | August 29, 2017
AtlantaBeyond the Individual“For me, it’s totally a cathartic thing. It’s my way of dealing with the world,” says Franklin James Fisher, primary vocalist and lyricist for Algiers, the...

On the Verge: Big Thief

J. Poet | August 11, 2017
Brooklyn, N.Y.A Collective SculptureAdrianne Lenker is a courageous artist. The songs she writes for Big Thief deal with intimate feelings that are difficult to acknowledge. On Capacity, the...

On The Verge: Bedouine

Lee Zimmerman | August 01, 2017
Los AngelesGone Wonderin’Syrian-born singer Azniv Korkejian, who performs as Bedouine, feels a close kinship with the nomadic Middle Easterners who share her pseudonym. Born in Aleppo, raised in...

On The Verge: Noga Erez

J. Poet | July 14, 2017
Tel Aviv, IsraelProcess PopThe music that Israeli singer and keyboard player Noga Erez makes with her partner, Ori Rousso, is deep, dense and atmospheric. She created Off the Radar, her debut...

On The Verge: Filmspeed

Matt Inman | June 30, 2017
Los AngelesRock-and-Roll ConfidenceBassist Nick Stout and guitarist Craig Broombaugh moved from their hometown of Detroit to California over a decade ago to get acquainted with the California...

On The Verge: MUNA

Emily Zemler | June 16, 2017
Los Angeles Dynamic Indie-PopThere’s a sense of motion embedded in MUNA’s music—a soaring, upward feeling brought on by the Los Angeles trio’s dynamic indie-pop numbers. The sensation comes...