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Phil Lesh Welcomes Grandson Levon Lesh into the World

January 10, 2014

Brian and Phil Lesh - photo by Marc Millman

Levon Helm played an important role in the lives of Phil Lesh and his family. Beyond the music that The Band drummer created over the years, Lesh told Relix that the idea for his current restaurant and performance venue, Terrapin Crossroads originated "when my sons and I played Levon’s Ramble up in Woodstock, N.Y., [in 2010]. It was such a magical day and we came away with a strong desire to do something like that at home." So it is altogether fitting that the name of his first grandchild honors Helm. Phil's son Brian has just become the father of Levon Lesh. One expects that young Levon will do his share of rambling in the days to come.


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