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NFL Films to Produce Feature on Phish and Russell Wilson

November 27, 2013

NFL Films will produce a feature on Phish and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson to be aired in the near future. The filming, which occurred during Phish’s Atlantic City Halloween run, will link the band with Russell Wilson in a piece entitled “Wiiilson” to air in January.

Phish and Wilson have a lengthy history, with the band encouraging the Seattle Seahawks to use the song “Wilson” as the quarterback’s intro music. The team obliged, piping in the song during their game against the Oakland Raiders. The crowd reacted with the chant of “Wilson” as the quarterback ran onto the field. Trey Anastasio even donned a Wilson shirsey during the band's show at Gorge Amphitheater this summer. The shirt had "duh-nuh, duh-nuh" inscribed on it, signifying the opening notes to "Wilson." CBS Sports' Will Brinson has been on the case since April, when Anastasio first mentioned to the crowd at his Seattle show that he wanted the team to use the song.

Watch a replay of the crowd chanting "Wilson" as the quarterback took the field.

NFL Films feature producer (and noted Phish fan) Chris Weaver took to Twitter to share some photos from the shoot, including spending some time with the band backstage as well as filming their show in Atlantic City, which included a "Wilson" themed pumpkin at the front of the stage.


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